iPetro provides intelligent solutions in oil and gas industry based on Machine Learning and Pattern recognition (MLPR) methods as well as mathematics and statistics (MS) algorithms. The combination of MLPR methods and MS algorithms is what we introduce in our modern intelligent and computational solutions. Our experiences and software packages provide the opportunity to the operating companies to:

  1. Reservoir Modeling: Create an efficient, comprehensive, reliable, and robust data-driven model for reservoirs based on various types of clustering, incremental learning, and training methods.
  2. Reservoir Modeling: Digitizing old logs in a very low cost, fast, and reliable manner based on image processing and image analysis algorithms.
  3. Reservoir Modeling: Generating log’s value in missed locations and intervals based on different types of clustering, training and statistics algorithms.
  4. Well trajectory: 1D mechanical Earth model and well trajectory design based on different types of clustering, training, and image analysis and image processing methods.
  5. Digital Rock Physics: measuring RCAL and SCAL properties based on thin section images or Micro X-ray CT images based on and efficient and reliable mathematical fluid flow simulation and image processing and image analysis algorithms.
  6. Digital Rock Physics: 3D stochastic reconstruction of a represent volume element (RVE) based on 2D images.
  7. Digital Rock Physics and Reservoir Modeling: Multi-Scale reservoir modeling based on different scales of data provided by Micro X-ray CT images, Macro X-ray CT images, logs, seismic, geomechanics, production history, as well as geological facts.
  8. Petroleum Geology: Segmenting and identifying minerals in geological thin sections based on image processing and image analysis algorithms, and training methods.

We deal with huge amount of uncertainty of subsurface modeling, however we trust our abilities based on the results we have obtained before. We are providing an assistive technology based on novel MLPR and MS methods and algorithms in the modern computational oil and gas industry over the world.